5 Tips to Transition to a Spring Skincare Routine
November 13, 2023

Spring is officially on its way, and as the weather changes from cold to warm, it’s time to switch out your skincare. Why? This is particularly important this time of year because as you spend more time outdoors, you expose yourself to more natural humidity and vitamin D – and your skincare needs to account for these changes.

If you take a look at your winter skincare routine, it probably includes heavier and thicker products that are providing a maximum level of skin barrier protection. This helps to combat the harsh winter weather like wind, snow, and rain, as well as the drying qualities of indoor heating.

A spring skincare routine, however, focuses on a combination of 
hydration and moisture balance to protect the skin. 

But, first: Be aware of how your skin is reacting to the current elements before making the switch. Here are some things to consider.

Are you still seeing expression lines on your forehead that look like pulled skin, rather than wrinkles? Are you still seeing enlarged pores and dull skin?

If you are, it’s likely 
not quite time for the transition to lighter skincare as you may need a little more time to increase the hydration levels in your skin.

If this is what you’re experiencing, concentrate on your B, C, D, and E vitamin intake, keep your Retinol in play, and come see us at 
Fraser Medical Aesthetics for a Hydration Facial to refresh the skin for a softer rejuvenated look and optimal home care product absorption.

Pro Tip: 
When you don’t see tight or dull skin and are no longer battling irritation from the elements, such as acne, rashes, and milia, you’re ready to start your spring skincare routine.


The experts weigh in: Our Aesthetic Team’s top 5 “Spring Skin Care Routine”  general product recommendations for most skin types

  1. Your Cleanser: If your skin is more sensitive, AlumierMD’s SensiCalm Cleanser is perfect. If you have normal skin, Alastin’s Gentle Foam Cleanser offers a basic cleansing that rinses off without leaving any residue.
  2. Your Moisturizer: Alastin’s UltraLight Moisturizer with TriHex technology helps to clean away old elastin and collagen to make room for new cells, while Skin Medica’s Replenishing Hydrating Cream gives you a mid-level density factor, keeping moisturization at the forefront without the need for high level skin barrier support.
  3. Your Morning Routine: Our tried and true favourite for the ultimate in skin protection from elements, free radicals and pollutants that damage the skin daily is the AlumierMD EverActive C&E + Peptide (Vitamin C&E Concentrate with Peptides). Best to apply this first thing just after you cleanse and before you moisturize – then apply your daily SPF.
  4. Your Evening Routine: We love Retinols that are powerful enough to show results but gentle enough for everyday use. Try Alastin’s Renewal Retinol 0.5 or AlumierMD’s Facial Serum with Retinol 0.25 – 0.5. The lower strengths and more frequent application, with no tolerance build up – will make it an easy addition to your routine.
  5. Your SPFFinding the right SPF can be a personal journey. It’s all about the right texture, tone, and application that best suits you. Some of our personal favorites are AlumierMD Sheer Hydration Versatile Tint (JLo Glow) and for reapplication during the day, the ZO Sunscreen + Powder BS 40 (Light, Medium, Dark).

A close-up look at an expert routine

Learn from the professionals themselves! Our Aesthetic Manager and Practitioner, Loni, was kind enough to share her personal spring skincare routine. Note: Her skin is considered to be normal; her concerns are anti-aging and winter rehydration.

Loni’s Winter & Spring Transition – Morning Routine:

  1. AlumierMD’s MicroDerm Polish (as a wash not a scrub)
  2. AlumierMD’s EverActive C&E + Peptide
  3. Skin Medica’s HA5 Hyaluronic *Rejuvenative Hydrator
  4. ZO’s Hydrating Cream
  5. AlumierMD’s Sheer Hydration (Tinted) SPF and ZO’s Sunscreen + Powder BS 40 for reapplication (Medium)

Loni’s Evening Routine:

  1. Skin Medica’s Facial Cleanser
  2. ZO’s BrightAlive Skin Brightener / Cycled w/ AlumierMD’s Retinol 1.0
  3. ZO’s Renewal Cream

Set specific skin goals

As opposed to binge-purchasing every product in sight, take some time to evaluate what exactly you want from your skincare. By setting specific goals —whether that’s reducing acne, increasing collagen or elastin, or simply hydrating your skin—we’ll be able to work with you to develop a personalized routine and treatment plan that makes sense for your skin goals.

Fraser Medical Aesthetics is the gold standard in advanced medical aesthetics and cosmetic treatments, such as Botox, Dysport and Dermal Fillers, offering the best care possible to leave your skin feeling its best this season.