Genderless Aesthetics at Fraser Medical Aesthetics
January 31, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of aesthetics, Fraser Medical Aesthetics emerges as a guiding light, offering a diverse spectrum of skincare services. This guide delves into the realm of “Genderless Aesthetics,” spotlighting Fraser Medical Aesthetics’ specialised approach to skin care for all individuals. The clinic’s focus is on personalization of needs based on individual identification.

Our commitment to inclusivity is not just a principle but a fundamental aspect of our practice. We understand the importance of creating a safe and supportive space for individuals seeking aesthetic care in various stages of age, life and personal journey. Fraser Medical Aesthetics values the richness that each community brings to our clinic, and we are dedicated to providing personalised support throughout every step of any personal journey. Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate practitioners are here to listen, understand, and cater to the unique needs of each individual, ensuring that every person feels acknowledged, respected, and empowered as they navigate self-discovery.

Genderless Aesthetics

Understanding Non Gender Aesthetics

At some point in our lives, each of us will embark on a distinctive journey of self-expression, often encountering unique challenges. Fraser Medical Aesthetics recognizes the vital role of inclusivity and discretion, establishing itself as a safe space for men, women and gender-diverse individuals who may be navigating the complexities of transition. Central to the clinic’s philosophy is a deep understanding of the nuanced needs of all gender patients, forming the foundation for providing personalised, genderless aesthetic solutions.

Fraser Medical Aesthetics also recognizes the importance of tailoring its services to support individuals who may also be undergoing gender affirming procedures, such as surgeries to seek harmonious alignment with their gender identity.

Genderless Aesthetics

Ways we can help.

Inclusive treatments we offer to all of our clients at Fraser Medical Aesthetics.

  • Hair Removal (face, full legs, arms, hands, back of neck, genitals, back, chest)
  • Skin Tightening (face, tummy, back, thighs, booty lift)
  • Fat Removal (submental (under chin), tummy, thighs, flanks)
  • Body Contouring (full body)
  • Cosmetic Facial Enhancements (chin augmentation, nose alignment, lip augmentation, facial symmetry, cheek enhancements)
  • Facial Treatments for Acne (scaring, pigmentation, acne extraction and ph balancing)
  • Facial Treatments for Pigmentation (scaring, hyperpigmenation, age spots, injury spots, freckles removal)
  • Cosmetic Injections for Muscle Softening (forehead, brow lines, TMJ)
  • Cosmetic Injections for Lifts: (Facial slimming, jawline softening, jowel lift, eyebrow lift)
  • Skin Resurfacing: (Acne pock removal, surgical scar removal, pore reduction, softening deep crevices, tightening lax skin, promoting collagen building, normalising texture and tone, softening skin) Promoting healthier skin.
  • Hair Restoration: (follicle stimulation and regrowth, thinning hair solutions)
  • Chemical Peels: (collagen building, ph balancing, rehydration or acne facials)

Fraser Medical Aesthetics believes in a multi-level approach to understanding the needs of each of our clients individually. Getting to know our clients personally helps us to best determine the idea