How The Experts Treat and Reverse Sun-Damaged Skin
November 14, 2023

Now that the intense summer sun rays are lessening, it’s time to take stock of your skin.

How’s it feeling?

Dry? Lackluster? Wrinkly? Texture irregularities?

Skin that’s been overexposed to sunlight is more likely to show damage. But if you thought the only way to heal sun-damaged skin was with invasive lasers or plastic surgery, think again.

IPL for Sun-Damaged Skin

IPL, intense pulsed light, is a type of light therapy to treat wrinkles, spots, and unwanted hair. It’s a tried-and-true skin-perfecting treatment that works by heating tissues deep within your skin. which triggers new collagen production, creating smoother, more youthful and clear skin.

When used to target darker spots such as freckles or hyperpigmentation caused by the sun, the melanin causing the pigmentation is broken down, which effectively lightens and brightens the skin to a balanced tone – leaving behind, beautiful damage-free skin!

Why Treat Your Skin in the Fall

Since using an IPL laser for sun damage can make the skin sensitive to sunlight as it’s healing, you’ll want to minimize your sun exposure. This is why fall and winter are some of the best times to treat sun damage.

Remember that no matter what time of year it is, SPF is key! Even when the sun isn’t apparent on cooler days, UVA rays are omnipresent – as are harmful free radicals and environmental stressors. SPF will be your daily armour!

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When you’re young, the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C levels are abundant. However, they naturally deplete as you age. But don’t worry! Vitamin C can be supplemented orally and added topically to your skin-care routine for maximum protection inside and out.

Why add it to your skincare regime? Because Vitamin C is miraculous for protecting your skin from future sun damage and free radicals while brightening pigmentation and helping to reverse the signs of aging!

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