Integrated Skin Care – An Intensified Approach // (Intensified Treatment Series)
March 23, 2024

The Importance of Self Assessing

Often that first sign that our age health is compromised is usually discovered while standing in a mirror. You realize that you just don’t have that healthy glow or vibrance about you – so you decide it’s time to finally get started on an anti-aging skin care regime. We’re with you there! What’s important is to understand that if your skin is showing symptoms of unwell in the form of age related issues, dull texture, tone, acute active acne or accumulated pigmentation and possibly very visible vessels – there is likely an underlying concern.

You may need to take a more Integrated health approach

It’s important to start with assessing your lifestyle and documenting any life events, stressors, new medications, medical conditions, environmental changes or stressors and foods you may be eating to help to break down the timeline of change to your skin.Your skin will need a 360 degree integrated approach to effectively care for your skin. 

Integrated skincare: may refer to a holistic based approach to skincare that combines various products, techniques, and practices to achieve optimal skin health and appearance. Its purpose is instead of focusing on just one aspect of skincare, such as using a single product or treatment- integrated skin care addresses all of the current life factors –  to find the root of these causes in order to curate a plan of action for treatment and management.

Once you have identified when the issues started and the potential root causes – it’s time to take action on how to regain your skin health.

Our approach to an effective Integrated skin care plan, includes a more intensified therapy which involves consulting and assessing current health conditions in order to effectively prepare the skin for optimal anti-aging or corrective skin treatments. 

Often the current state of the skin at consultation is in need of specialized skin care in order for the skin to endure an impactful and effective treatment. Once the skin is prepped, the use of adjunct therapies such as an exosome may be applied to intensify the treatment results by increasing elastin and collagen production by as much as 890% and minimizing downtimes. Where multiple issues are at play, such as anti-aging and scarring, for example, stacked modalities (more than one type of treatment) may be used to intensify the result outcomes of the issues being addressed at the same time. Arguably, post care may be the most important part of your intensified treatment plan, because this is where your skin is doing all of the rejuvenating and healing. The greater the home skin care support system – the greater the results. “50% of what we can do for you, is what you do at home”

What we recommend:

Our personalized consultation will address skin issues and curate a multi-level approach to treating and caring for your skin with an Intensified  Skin Care plan that focuses on treating and managing all of your skin concerns simultaneously to achieve your optimal skin health now and into the future

Integrating integrated skin care and integrative skin care practices into your health and beauty regimen can profoundly impact your skin health. This comprehensive approach combines professional treatments and advanced homecare to address various skin types and concerns, including acne, hair loss, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

At the heart of this holistic approach is a focus on integrative medicine and integrative approaches to skincare. By conducting research into the unique needs of your skin, personalized professional treatments are developed to prevent future damage and enhance the health and appearance of your body and skin.

Utilizing advanced homecare products formulated with antioxidants, nutrition supplements, and other key ingredients supports the long-lasting results of professional treatments. This regimen not only addresses current skin issues but also prepares the skin for future challenges, ensuring a healthier journey towards aesthetics excellence.

Clients play a critical role in this integrative approach. By seeking advice from physicians and skincare experts, individuals can explore a range of services tailored to their specific skin types and concerns. Whether it’s combating wrinkles with dr-recommended treatments or enhancing skin health with advanced homecare, the goal is to achieve benefits that contribute to a lifestyle of health and confidence.

In our office, we emphasize the safety and efficacy of all treatments and products. Our team is dedicated to providing patient-centered care that respects each individual’s journey towards achieving their aesthetics goals. From the initial search for the right treatment to the exploration of advanced homecare options, we are here to guide and support our patients.

Our website offers a wealth of articles and resources for those looking to protect their skin from future damage and enhance their overall health and beauty. We believe that an integrated skincare regimen, combining dermatology-backed treatments with nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, is key to unlocking the secret to lasting skin health and confidence.

By embracing this integrated skin care philosophy, our patients can enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more vibrant complexion. The challenges of skin care are many, but with the right approach and support from our team, achieving your skin health goals is within reach. Let us help you embark on this journey, armed with the knowledge and tools necessary for protecting and enhancing your skin’s natural beauty.