Investing in Your Looks: Why It’s More Than Just Vanity Points
November 13, 2023

Caring about your looks doesn’t just get you vanity points—it also truly makes you healthier.

Preserving your youthful looks is a critical component of self-care and a key to your overall health. Carrying as much weight as eating well and exercising regularly; devoting time to your body and face will not only maintain your youth (although it’s a perk we can get behind!), it will also contribute to higher skin health and a better functioning you.

Top 5 Ways Investing in Your Skin Health Supports Your Overall Health

While helping you look more youthful, focusing on your skin health brings about many other benefits.


1: Slows Age-Related Decay – those wrinkles, age spots, and changes in skin tone and laxity that you’re seeing are often symptoms of a bigger issue, which happens when there’s a decline in skin functionality. When your skincare is taken seriously, you can actually prevent and slow down this process with treatments that address the issue and maintain your skin health.

2: Reduces Cellular Senescence – 
skin that’s performing its best maintains its thickness and elasticity, replacing cells as they’re lost. Cellular senescence (the loss of a cell’s ability to function properly), happens as we age, contributing to skin thinning, wrinkling, and a loss of elasticity. Caring for your looks helps to slow this age-related deterioration.

3: Increases Vitamin D Absorption – 
vitamin D is a key contributor to overall physical and mental health, and your skin is the primary way to absorb this vitamin into your body. Healthy skin in this case really does mean a healthier you.

4: Helps Prevent Disease skin is the barrier between the environment and your organs, and supporting optimal skin function will actually prevent disease and pathogens from entering your body. 

5.  Builds Confidence – let’s face it—when you look your best you feel your best. Healthier, youthful skin allows us to show up as our best selves, making strides in our careers, relationships, and more. This sense of self-confidence does wonders for our mental health, outlook and joie de vivre!

We’ve got this!

Our expertise and training allow us to look deeper than the surface of your skin, diagnosing and combating concerns while targeting issues before they even arise. When you choose medical-grade aesthetic technology in a clinical environment, you choose the standard of care you deserve. Expect effective results designed to enhance your natural beauty while ensuring your skin is at its healthiest.

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Want to know more? Here are some ways to keep your skin in optimal health and prevent “age decay” 

  • Drink lots of water for superior hydration and skin barrier support
  • Protect your skin with moisturizers, topical vitamins C and E, and shield with SPF year-round
  • Seek treatments that reverse photoaging (damage due to sun that causes lesions and skin cancer)
  • Seek treatments that deal with thinning skin and reduce visible vessels for optimal skin function.
  • Seek treatments that entice a collagen-building response and expedite cell turnover for all ages. Collagen building is essential to the regeneration and repair of skin.  Anti-aging, Skin Control, Acne Care, Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, Scarring.

Youthful skin might be the desire, but understanding how your skin looks from a diagnostic approach will help you make impactful choices that lead to overall health for your entire body.

It’s YOUR skin’s health.

Our team offers professional care and skin education, helping to curate a treatment plan specifically chosen for your needs.