Skin Fitness
March 23, 2024

In our journey through life, our skin, the largest organ of our body, acts as the frontline defense against environmental elements. Yet, as we age, our skin undergoes profound changes, making the discussion around skin fitness not just a matter of beauty, but of health. Understanding the physiological changes that occur in aged skin is crucial for developing effective care strategies that can mitigate these effects and maintain skin health and resilience.

Understanding the Changes in Aging Skin

According to research published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), aged skin experiences both structural and biochemical changes diminishing the skin’s repair capacity. 

Our skin thins progressively over our adult life, with an accelerating rate that leads to a significant decrease in epidermal thickness and number of cells. This thinning is more pronounced in women and on parts of the body like the face, neck, upper chest, and the extensor surfaces of the hands and forearms, decreasing about 1%  yearly average.

What does it mean to lose epidermal thickness or thinning of the skin?

In a nutshell, vital cells in your epidermis (upper layer) will undergo a transformation in which they become shorter and fatter (less dense) which impacts the skin’s turn over rate (or rate of change). Less cell turnover means less room for new healthy, unbiased, full oxygenated – youthful cells that are necessary to the health of your skin. Slow regeneration means reduced capacity or thickness in the skin. 

Slower cell turn over rates impacts the health and look of your skin in so many ways. Sebum production reduces which affects the skin’s natural lubrication and protection mechanisms and the water barrier (arguably the most important factor in skin and body health) may be reduced as much as 65% leading to a decrease in the skin’s natural moisturizing ability! 

Why Skin Fitness Matters

To put in simple terms, unfit skin always leads to a compromised complexion which leaves more room for further skin complications such as increased pigmentation, inflammation, visible vessels, lesions, enlarged pores, wrinkles & deep facial lines and disease.

These physiological changes underscore the importance of an integrated skin care routine focused on skin fitness. Just as regular exercise and a balanced diet are fundamental for overall health, proactive and preventive skin care is essential for maintaining the integrity and health of aging skin. 


Preventive Measures and Treatments

“50% of your successful skin treatment outcomes, come from what you do at home”

Here’s where adopting a comprehensive home skin care regimen that includes the appropriate supplemental products that help with protecting the skin barrier (most important job) and protect the skin from further skin damage and damage caused by elemental factors is paramount. By having a personalized skin care plan organized for you, with your particular skin needs in mind – you will be able to effectively manage and defend your skin against the protagonists that cause skin health decline. 

Treatments that promote collagen production, improve skin turnover, and even out skin tone are the only way to effectively reverse, treat and manage skin issues related to aging and skin disease. Some of the best techniques and technologies involve modality treatments that use a scientific approach to getting the best controlled responses in order to cause your skin to regenerate naturally, invoking your skin to make the necessary changes that you seek. Not only do modality treatments foster greater cell change and improve skin health – they are designed to address serious debilitating issues such as scars, active acne, skin disease, hyperhidrosis and more.

In conclusion: It’s not about your vanity – it’s about your health

The importance of maintaining the health of aging skin transcends mere aesthetic desires. As the structure and function of our skin and body evolve, the adoption of a proactive skin care strategy becomes crucial. 

By establishing skin fitness, we actively nourish our skin, bolstering its health, resilience, and visual aesthetic. This ensures our skin remains in optimal shape, acting as a sturdy barrier against external elements and by doing the most important job of all. Protecting our inner body from pathogens. That’s why active ingredients in skin care products play a pivotal role in this journey, offering the science-backed ability to protect the skin barrier, defend against elemental damage in order to keep skin in good shape, which will then reduce wrinkles, and promote firmer, smoother skin. 

Your personal skin care plan is personal.

By investing in the knowledge and understanding of what your skin needs personally to maintain a healthy function, you’ll be able to effectively determine symptomatically, what’s is required to keep your skin in good standing with the challenges that come from seasonal change, stress and other life factors.