Three for Me

Three for Me is a combination of IPL & Fractional Duo Laser Treatments – Six collective treatments in three visits yields the most beautiful comprehensive esthetic – checking off all of the boxes for aging skin and leaving you with renewed youthful skin, free of deep scars and surface imperfections. It’s safe, it’s quick and it’s convenient

Reasons to choose Three for Me?

    • IPL is the only treatment that removes pigmentation, vessels and hyperpigmentation (dark spots) at the same time!
    • Fractional Laser’s microbeam technology gently renews skin by generating comprehensive collagen building which is essential to the structure of your skin and safely eliminates facial imperfections such as wrinkles, scars and more.

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Treatment Time: 120 minutes

Post-Treatment: Minor symptoms 1-7 days

Results: Within 1-3 months