Unraveling the Mystery of Cystic Acne: A Deep Dive Into What To Do About It
November 13, 2023

In the diverse world of skin blemishes, cystic acne stands out as the most serious form, marked by deep-rooted and tender nodules beneath the skin’s surface. This gives rise to what we affectionately call “Blind Pimples.”

In this blog, we’ll go into the properties of cystic acne, the triggers, and how a personalized treatment plan can help you feel your best.

What Makes Acne Cystic? 

Cystic acne often sets up camp along your chin and cheeks, a common result of face-touching and outward intrusion. But make no mistake, these tenacious troublemakers can pop up anywhere—your face, arms, behind the ears, and even your back.

Cystic acne resembles tiny “buckets,” persistently filling up in the same spot, shrugging off even the best skincare regime. For women, the saga of cystic acne takes center stage around the monthly rhythm of your cycle. And here’s a candid truth: if you leave cystic acne untreated, you’re very likely to see it return.

What Sparks Cystic Acne?

Acne, like most things, often has its triggers. These triggers can stem from our habits, choices, and lifestyles. The silver lining? Unveiling these acne culprits often leads to manageability and a brighter complexion.

We recommend keeping a diary indicating when you’re breaking out. This wonderful resource will help to asses what your specific skin triggers might be.

Some things to be aware of are: 

  • New additions to your diet
  • Potential food intolerances (think dairy, wheat, sugar, and gluten)
  • Skin and hair care product sensitivities
  • Medication or supplement intolerances
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Daily stressors piling up (work, school, life events)
  • Dips in hygiene diligence (like not washing your face before bed)

Your Road To Radiant Skin

It’s time to reclaim your radiant skin from the clutches of cystic acne. Be prepared that this journey demands dedication as cystic acne is much more difficult to treat than others.

We recommend following this treatment plan:

Step 1: Acquaint Yourself with Your Acne Patterns

Understanding its intricacies (keep that diary!) to know what’s making your skin break out.

Step 2: Enlist Experts

Now’s the time to consult our medical aesthetic professionals. Together, we’ll craft a personalized “skin plan” that dances in harmony with your skin’s distinct needs.

Step 3: Your Skin Plan

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill skincare regimen; it’s a personalized roadmap meticulously designed to address your concerns at the root. We’ll create a multi-layered approach to your issues that includes treatments that help with remodelling the skin so that the “cystic bucket” is closed, all while reducing dark circles or hyperpigmentation caused by acne scars.

Our lineup of expertly curated facials will be rotated through, with their pH-balancing abilities and skin barrier nurturing properties designed to control active breakouts.

Finally, you’ll be given a tailor-made skincare regimen for your at-home routine that will help to regulate your skin, likely without the need for prescription intervention.

When Will You Begin To See Results?

We’re no strangers to the waiting game, and we empathize with your skin journey. As you embrace your new skincare routine, anticipate a transitional period of up to four weeks post-consultation. This is the length of time it takes for your skin to acclimatize to new changes. But hold tight, because the results you see will be worth the wait!

Your treatments are thoughtfully organized to help address your cystic acne in the most impactful way, invoking change to your skill naturally by following its natural cell renewal cycle. With each session, we inch closer to our goal – smooth skin, free from the clutches of cystic acne and its telltale pigmentation. You can expect to start to see improvements in the first month with a gradual change that you will love over the course of 3-6 months.

Ready to embark on the journey to radiant skin? 

We’re honoured to be on the road to skin enlightenment with you. Our team of medical aesthetic experts is equipped to guide you toward the radiant, confident skin you deserve. It all begins with a consultation.