Why You Should Start IPL Hair Removal Treatments in Colder Months
November 14, 2023

Summer has come to a close, which means you’re probably wearing more pants than skirts. So if you’re not showing off your legs, why should you be thinking about hair removal treatments?

Because NOW is the time to start planning for those beautiful spring legs.

hair removal takes about six months to complete, giving you just enough time between now and those warmer days of spring to have your legs looking silky smooth. 

IPL for Hair Removal

Ditch the razor for a more permanent solution year-round with IPL hair removal. Hair removal utilizes low-level lasers to target the melanin in hair follicles and impede their ability to regrow hair, resulting in far more permanent and effective results when compared to other forms of hair removal – such as waxing, sugaring, epilating and countless hours of razoring!

It also helps with the prevention of ingrown hairs, even eliminating them entirely so that you never have to worry about them again.

Our IPL machines have a built-in cooling system which actively cools the skin as the machine is operating. This considerably reduces any discomfort you might feel during the treatment.

Six to eight treatments are recommended to completely remove your hair, although each patient and area of the body can vary.

Hair Removal in Winter

IPL is targeted to treat melanin, which means the paler your skin is to create contrast between your hair and your skin, the more effective the hair removal treatments will be. If you have a darker tan, we recommend waiting until it naturally lessens.

When having your hair removal treatments done, you’ll need to keep the IPL treated skin out of the direct sun for at least 72 hours (although more is better!). This is because the IPL temporarily makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, which is why fall and winter are great times to undergo any treatments.

Book your IPL hair removal consultation with our expert team, who has the ability to treat hair removal on all skin types. We’ll help you decide which options are best for you while customizing a treatment plan tailored to your needs.